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How to Join

The membership of the Berkeley Breakfast Club is limited to 200 persons who live or work in the City of Berkeley or the immediate environs. New members are generally sponsored by one or more current members. If you have a friend, co-worker, associate, or relative who is in the club and sparked your interest in membership, please ask them to bring you to a meeting.

Once you have a sponsor, the process is fairly simple. You'll be asked to attend three consecutive meetings with your sponsor. During those meetings, you'll be introduced to the Officers and members of the Board of Governors. The Club Secretary will provide your sponsor with a membership application, which must be signed by various Officers and Governors. Once you've attended the three meetings and your sponsor has turned in your application, we ask that you do not attend until the Board of Governors has considered your application. Governors meet on the second Tuesday of each month, and your application will generally be reviewed at the meeting immediately following the submission of your application.

Not all applications are approved, but historically few are not, as long as the applicant meets the requirements for membership. If approved, you'll be contacted by your sponsor. You are then encouraged to begin your efforts to maintain a perfect record of attendance at the Friday breakfasts and join in the spirit and camaraderie of the club.

Did we mention dues and fines?

The club has modest annual dues, and each weekly breakfast also costs a modest amount. From time to time, deserving or not (usually the latter), you'll also be fined by the club president or meeting host for various reasons--fines are generally $1-$2.